UV tanning is a faster alternative to staying out in the sun in hopes of achieving a healthy and natural-looking glow. In place of sun exposure, tanning booths and beds are used in order to produce a smooth and even tan. When you tan outdoors, you’ll have to wait for hours and make sure you time each side in order to ensure that your body gets a nice, even tan. Professional indoor or sunless tanning, on the other hand, takes less time and produces satisfying results for all clients.

You won’t have to worry about getting sunburned, either! Tanning beds are constructed with bulbs that emit rays which then create artificial sunlight. The artificial sunlight is what creates a youthful and natural-looking glow, ensuring smooth, even, and perfectly-timed application. Tanning professionals base each tanning procedure on the client’s skin type.

UV Tanning Preparation

Before tanning, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your skin for the procedure.

Consult a doctor for any skin conditions before tanning.

Avoid causing damage to already sensitive skin by consulting a doctor before pushing through with any procedures.

Set a tanning goal.

What type of tan do you want to achieve? Do you want to go a shade darker or do you want something a little more subtle? Properly identifying your tanning goals allows trained staff to give proper recommendations and help you meet your goals.

Trust only the experts for UV tanning.

UV tanning produces melanin, which acts as protection for your skin from burning. Further protect your body by letting well-trained professionals carry out each tanning procedure. Trusted tanning salons are transparent with their services. This puts all clients at ease and addresses their queries and concerns clearly. Another important benefit that professional tanning specialists guarantee is the cleanliness and safety of the place. Top of the line tanning equipment are used, and each procedure is done in a clean, quiet, and sanitized place.

Use recommended products regularly.

Tan maintenance and skin protection are done through safe and gentle products recommended by tanning salons. These keep the skin moisturized and enhance the tan.

Use protective gear.

Before pushing through with UV tanning, you will be asked to wear protective gear such as goggles. Do not attempt to adjust or remove these during the procedure.


Tan Etc, the number one tanning salon in Austin, carefully studies each client’s skin type before any sunless tanning procedure is carried out. We brief all clients and make sure all precautions are explained well. Tan Etc also ensures that waiver and consent forms are clearly written and properly handed out to each client. We strongly advise clients who struggle with skin conditions to consult with doctors first for their safety. This allows us to give each client the ultimate tanning experience. Ready to answer questions on all products, services, and equipment, Tan Etc consistently provides the best indoor tanning services in Austin. Get a healthy-looking glow by visiting a Tan Etc salon near you.


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