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Thanks to airbrush tanning, you can get the tan you’ve always wanted without spending hours under the sun. Airbrush tanning presents the versatility of being able to create custom blends and colors to suit one’s tan preferences, skin type, and skin tone.

The main agent used in airbrush tanning is DHA, or Dihydroxyacetone. DHA is a triose derived from sugars and causes a chemical reaction on a section of the skin’s surface to achieve its tanning effect. The process of airbrush tanning involves precise spraying of the solution onto the skin, allowing adjustments and second coats when necessary to get the right look. It usually takes fifteen to thirty minutes, drying time included, and can last up to seven days. Airbrush tan ensures a smooth and streak-free finish, leaving you with an attractive golden glow.


Airbrush tanning is a fairly recent development, and only time will tell if it ends up outcompeting regular spray-tanning in the long run.


Everyone has heard of tanning salons and the different services available, but when has the history of indoor tanning ever really been discussed? The beauty routines, products, and standards today are as diverse as ever, but those of the past decades are a different story. During the 1920s, powdery, pale skin was a sign of beauty and glamour. It was pretty evident, based on the films that were produced during those times. A creamy complexion signaled allure and class, while tan skin was associated with poverty. That is, until a certain businesswoman and fashion designer proved everyone wrong. There may be different versions of this anecdote but it all started with Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel. The fashion icon traveled to Cannes by yacht and in her enjoyment, got a little too much sun. She arrived home in high spirits, sporting a sunkissed glow which put to rest the notion that tan skin meant poverty. This prompted the industry and everyone else watching to fall for the fad. After she debuted her tan, major players in the fashion and film industry began working on theirs, traveling to tropical destinations and staying outdoors more. Fast forward to the second world war where women used tea bags to give their skin a natural, bronze glow. This inspired the first fake tan product: a chemical made from sugar cane and dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which could effectively create a browning effect among the amino acids on the skin’s surface.


Staying out in the sun too long can cause serious damage to your skin. Not only that, you are also exposed to pollution and other toxins. Sunless indoor tanning, on the other hand, is done in clean, hygienic places by licensed experts who use only the gentlest products and the best equipment. When you go for airbrush tanning, you won’t need to worry about tracking time to even out the tan, but arriving early (especially if you have an event to prepare for) is advisable because it is a process that cannot be rushed.

An airbrush tan promises a smooth, even coat and a glow that complements one’s natural beauty perfectly. It takes less time as it can be done in a matter of minutes, and it only takes only a few hours to fully develop. This is especially advantageous for those always on the go. An airbrush tan leaves no uneven patches and sets evenly, something that cannot be guaranteed when sunbathing.



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