No time to sunbathe? Book an airbrush tanning session with Tan Etc! Achieve that sun-kissed look with our airbrush tanning solution. With Tan Etc, you can sport a smooth and golden glow all year round without sun exposure. Look and feel your best with a tan that compliments your skin tone perfectly. Book an airbrush tanning session with us today!
Getting tan from sun exposure definitely takes more time and effort. With airbrush tanning, you won’t have to wait long. The main agent used in airbrush tanning is DHA. DHA is derived from sugars and causes a chemical reaction on a section of the skin surface to achieve a tanning effect. Airbrush tanning is safe and gentle. You’ll also feel more relaxed since the tanning process is done in a cool and quiet sunless facility. Another benefit of an airbrush tan is the absence of unwanted tan lines since the procedure is done with utmost precision. When properly maintained, an airbrush tan can last up to ten days.

Airbrush tanning is a fairly recent development, and only time will tell if it ends up outcompeting regular spray-tanning in the long run.


Staying out in the sun too long can cause serious damage to your skin.

Not only that, you are also exposed to pollution and other toxins. Indoor tanning services are carried out in clean, hygienic places by licensed experts who use only the gentlest products and top of the line equipment. Quite a lot of people prefer airbrush tanning to the natural method. When you book an airbrush tanning session, you don’t need to worry about tracking time to even out the tan but starting earlier is advisable because it is a process that cannot be rushed. Part of the convenience of airbrush tanning is having the experts do the work for you and guide you throughout the process. As opposed to doing it yourself, booking an airbrush tanning session is faster, more convenient, and leaves no room for mistakes such as uneven areas. Adept in using equipment and products, indoor tanning specialists can follow your exact specifications.

An airbrush tan promises a smooth, even coat and a glow that complements one’s natural beauty perfectly. It takes less time, too. Airbrush tanning can be done in a matter of minutes and takes only a few hours to fully develop. This is especially advantageous for those always on the go. An airbrush tan leaves no uneven patches and sets evenly, something that cannot always be guaranteed when staying under the sun to tan.

To maintain the healthy glow from your airbrush tanning session, avoid lathering on products right after your session. It’s best to let your airbrush tan set for a few hours before applying anything else on your skin. Once your session is done, ask for recommended skin care products that can keep your skin moisturized.


Do you have events lined up or are you simply looking for the perfect tan to give you a healthy and natural-looking glow? Visit Tan Etc, the top indoor tanning salon in Austin! Consistently delivering flawless results for all clients, Tan Etc uses only safe, gentle, and doctor-approved tan and skin care products. Our indoor tanning specialists will walk you through the process and help you choose the perfect shade to complement your skin tone. We work with all skin types and provide guidance in proper tan maintenance. Our salons are well-maintained, with each area kept cool, clean, and hygienic and all equipment properly stored. We also offer skin care and tan maintenance products that are proven safe. In line with our objective to provide only the best service, we strongly advise clients with skin problems to consult their doctors first before booking any tanning service. This is our way of ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients. Tan Etc stays in compliance with health and sanitation laws, making sure all locations, products, and equipment are certified. Our professionals are well-trained, always ready to deliver as promised. Visit us today for golden, glowing skin!


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